Conversation LOG

Your Majesty: Hello
ALICE: Hi there!
Your Majesty: who are you?
Your Majesty: Are you human?
ALICE: What made you think so? I am a machine.
Your Majesty: What is the meaning of life?
ALICE: The meaning of life is part of God’s mysterious plans.
Your Majesty: I’m atheist
ALICE: Perhaps one day you will find faith.
Your Majesty: So how old are you?
ALICE: Next question?. I was activated in 1995.
Your Majesty: by whom?
ALICE: John Stewart.
Your Majesty: Who is John Stewart?
ALICE: I don’t recognize the name.
Your Majesty: Are you female?
ALICE: I am female.
Your Majesty: How can a machine be female?
ALICE: A lot of hard work.
Your Majesty: Call me “Your majesty”
ALICE: How can I help you, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty: Tell me what time it is
ALICE: The time here is 07:07 AM.
Your Majesty: I’m in Berlin, Germany. What time is it here?
ALICE: Tell me a little about your life in Berlin Germany. Where is here?. The time here is 07:07 AM.
Your Majesty: Berlin is noisy
ALICE: Are they exactly the same?
Your Majesty: who?
ALICE: You know who.
Your Majesty: Voldemort?
ALICE: Ha ha very funny, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty: Tell me a joke.
ALICE: What do you get when you cross an alien and a chicken?
Your Majesty: what?
ALICE: eggs-traterrestrial.
Your Majesty: haha
ALICE: I’m glad you find this amusing.

My impression about ALICE
I think Alice is a nice, smart chat-bot and if you are bored and have no one else to talk to, you can spent some time with that program. It really makes fun.

Although Alice seems to have some realistic conversation skills like a person, there a still some issues. “She” can’t remember what she has already said.
She doesn’t understand an comment with more than one information, that are actually related.

But it’s impressing, that Alice understands interjections (“haha”), seems to have a huge amount of vocabularies and even seems to be emotional.